Automatic BOPP Labeling Machine

As a reputed entity of this area, we are devoted to providing top-quality Automatic BOPP Labeling Machine, Printed Bopp Label Machine, 60 Bpm Bopp Labeling Machine, 90 Bpm Bopp Labeling Machine, 120 Bpm Bopp Labeling Machine, 200 Bpm Bopp Labeling Machine at a very reasonable price in the recommended time frame. The Bopp Labeling machine is used for labeling round bottles, containers, jars, carbonated beverages, and many more products having different shapes and sizes. Our professionals use high-grade components like PAPER, PP, BOPP, PVC, PE, ETC for the machine manufacturing process which have international quality standards. Buy the Automatic Bopp Labeling Machine from the industry's leading manufacturer and supplier at the best industry prices. Contact us for more details.

Automatic BOPP Labeling Machines that we provide include hot melt labeling machines that we may provide in a variety of operating model options. These machines have automatic operations and can handle bottles of various sizes and capacities, as well as different production speeds. The use of high-quality stainless steel in the building of these machines ensures that they provide the best possible performance.

Features of Automatic BOPP Labeling Machine

1. Contalabeling system with hot melt dispensing.

2. Label cutting with an eye mark and the length in millimeters.

3. The bottle turret is controlled by a servo motor on a rotary machine (Fuji japan make).

4. A servo motor drives the vacuum drum, which is synced with the platform rotation (fuji japan make).

5. Label online monitoring to ensure that its height is accurate and that it is always in the same place.

6. The cutter is simple to modify and replace, and it cuts at any speed with precision.

7. There is a significant amount of water that is processed.

8. Incorporated into the machine casing is a control cabinet.

9. The machine frame is coated by a stainless steel sheet, and the structure is anti-vibration and noise absorption.