Automatic Shrink Wrap Machine Manufacturer

Automatic Shrink Wrap Machine is designed and developed to wrap the products in tins, bottles, cans, and containers. During the product forward conveying process, it can automatically group the product into packages, so as to save time and enhance packing efficiency. We are well-known as an Automatic Shrink Wrap Machine Manufacturer and supplier in the industry. The lengthy service life of these equipment is well-known. Up to 40 packets per minute speed capacity. We customise our products to meet the needs of our customers, and these machines can perform collation operations on high-speed lines.

The term "shrink wrap machine" is widely used in the packaging sector. A shrink wrap machine, when properly employed, refers to a heat shrink packaging machine that incorporates a sealer and a heat source for applying heat to the shrink wrap.

We build technologically superior devices with the most up-to-date operating systems and controllers. Our machines have a digital temperature and timing controller built-in. Food, candy, tea, medicine, and hardware products are all packaged using these devices. Customization is also available to our large client base.

Feature of Automatic Shrink Wrap Machine

1. Tunnel conveyors made of stainless steel.

2. Unwinding of positive film on an automatic basis.

3. Sealing with a hot knife that is constantly heated.

4. The use of a PLC to control the operation (optional).

5. Tunnels with lower power usage.