Ultra Filtration Plant

We have set the Ultra Filtration Plant which is developed and designed by our professional engineers using the latest technology and advanced method of production. Automatic Ultra Filtration System widely demanded in clarification of wastewater, ash/scrubber waste treatment, river water clarification, filter backwash water recovery, food, and dairy processing, and wastewater plants. This is one of the best water filtration methods widely used in the commercial industry.

What distinguishing characteristics do ultrafiltration water treatment systems have?

Customers laud Cleantech's ultrafiltration devices for having several unique features:

Modular architecture for speedy installation

2. system with high energy efficiency

3. The competitive goods with the best separation output

4. Excellent product quality

5. Low fouling and a durable membrane

6. low need for maintenance

7. offers cutting-edge monitoring and control systems

8. superior, standardised machinery

Use of Ultrafiltration on a Large Scale

Customers laud Cleantech's ultrafiltration devices for having several unique features

1. The metals sector

2. Ion exchange and RO system pre- and post-treatment

3. Using wastewater again

4. Contamination recovery

Benefits and Potential

1. Affordable (Minimum pumping energy required, thus energy saving)

2. Simple to use and maintain (Chemical resistance, a wide range of PH values, and back-washable

3. Elimination of Viruses and Bacteria

4. No chemical reaction-related contamination was left behind.

5. 80 LPH to 50,000 LPH in capacity.

6. Recovery ratio of 98 percent or higher